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When do we need a third party to help with Forensics and Incident Management?

Once a security incident has occurred a critical set of steps must be activated. This includes a damage estimate, a liability calculation, forensics as to the cause, and a clean-up and remediation stage. In addition, time is of the essence in order to limit further impact and liabilities. TriCorps Cybersecurity provides a full suite of services that can be engaged at a moment’s notice. We pride ourselves on being able to put boots on the ground at your facilities quickly so that we can collaborate with your team to triage the situation. Most organizations do not have deep in-house experience with handling cybersecurity incidents, and in some cases your team members are not motivated to give you the full picture regarding the breach. 

It is rare to find an organization that combines both cybersecurity and law enforcement expertise, and if the unfortunate need arrises for that specific skill set you will want an outside, third-party perspective. Our goal at TriCorps Cybersecurity is to take as much drama as possible out of an attack or breach so that it does not distract your organization. 

What are Cybersecurity Forensics and Incident Management?

We dive in to uncover and identify where, how and via whom the breach occurred. We can also help coordinate the various skills needed to recover from an incident in the most efficient and safest way.

Typical incidents include:

  • Large scale data theft perpetrated by an outside source.
  • Large scale data theft by a current or former employee.
  • Critical information leaks.
  • Introduction of malware into the network.
  • Discovery of a backdoor built into the network.

It is often wise to have a third party complete this type of work since your internal team could have been a part of the problem originally. If that’s the case, they are generally not forthright with the leadership. We can act as a resource to determine what happened so that you can act appropriately.

How is This Kind of Work Conducted?

This category of work varies depending on the situation.

For the forensic part of this work, members of our team – including technology and law enforcement expertise as needed – will come to the location of the incident and work to determine what occurred and how it happened. This is done through combinations of reviewing systems and interviewing personnel as needed.

Incident management procedures are conducted from the beginning as the situation dictates. Some exploit methods, like ransomware, require up front incident management to protect company data. Once the organization is protected, forensic work can be conducted. In other scenarios, the forensic work is conducted up front and afterward incident management processes can be put into place to help fix the issue. We’re able to handle situations that arise, but it’s best to call earlier rather than later. Once the breach has occurred it becomes a fluid situation. Each action and reaction is important. We can help you think through your next steps.

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