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Are your External Cybersecurity Assessments helping you be a harder target to hit?

Cyber criminals are constantly trolling the internet looking for weak networks and servers. The majority of organizations penetrated by hackers are not specifically targeted. They are victims of opportunity.

Regularly assessing your vulnerabilities is the first step you need to take toward becoming more secure. At most organizations, changes are introduced into their technology environment often, sometimes daily. This creates an ever-evolving set of entry points to your network.

What exactly is an External Cybersecurity Assessment?

Just like your physical building, your network has many “doors” and “windows.” An External Cybersecurity Assessment is basically a check of all access points to make sure there are no openings that you aren’t aware of.

External assessments include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Firewall and Security Device Operation/Configuration Review
  • System Change Management Appraisal
  • Public Facing Access Evaluation

Will this assessment disrupt operations?

Not at all. This assessment is conducted 100% externally. In fact, it’s best that you don’t know exactly when we’re doing it. Once it has been completed we provide you with a report that details any potential weakness.

Our qualified team will address the following:

  • Identify all appropriate systems, networks, and infrastructures
  • Scan networks to assess susceptibility to external hacks and threats
  • Classify vulnerabilities based on severity
  • Make tactical recommendations around how to eliminate or remediate threats at all levels

The results are delivered in a detailed report and an executive level PowerPoint presentation so that a remediation plan can be developed.

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