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Why is Employee Cybersecurity Training so critical?

Smarter teams are harder to trick. It’s as simple as that. They have an understanding of potential threats and how to avoid them. We love empowering teams by taking topics that might not be clear to them at first – like cybersecurity – and giving them a knowledge base that helps them address it in practical ways.

Everyone has to keep learning because the threats in cybersecurity constantly evolving. Keeping all of your employees (especially new-hires) updated on the latest trends is smart leadership. Employee training is the least expensive and most effective way to lower your risk levels.

What does the training cover?

Our cybersecurity training is an interactive presentation. The content is designed to be helpful to employees of all levels of technology knowledge. The course delivers tools that can be used immediately to keep yourself and the organization protected. Your staff will learn the following:

  • The history of hacking and cyber crime
  • Who the digital criminals are
  • How attacks are conducted
  • What the most common attack methods are
  • Which tools and techniques you can use to safeguard against attack
  • How can you protect yourself at home
  • What can be done to safeguard the organization

How is the training conducted?

We offer two different options for our employee training – in-person or eLearning experiences.

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